Close or Gross? 10 Ways My Daughter and I Freak Other People Out

Close or Gross? 10 Ways My Daughter and I Freak Other People Out

Mom Jeanine
September 21, 2011


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My daughter is only 3, but in some ways I feel like she is my best friend. I do just about everything with her and despite the fact that she’s still so young, I really like who she is as a person. I love her because she’s my child, but I also really like her.

Given the fact that it’s just she and I, we’re really close. Too close if you ask some of our friends and relatives. Some of the things we think are totally normal apparently freak out the people around us.

But isn’t this true with all moms and their kids? There’s a bond there that literally makes you do things you’d never imagined. For example…

1. My daughter and I take baths together. She loves when I join her in the bathtub and play with her bath toys. Likewise, she’ll sometimes join me in the shower and she gets a kick out of using my “fancy” soap and a body pouf.

2. We also go to the bathroom together. Part of it is paranoia for me, but I’ve also sort of gotten used to having company when I’m doing my business. My little girl is the same way, so when either one of us has to use the bathroom, the other comes along.

3. We kiss on the lips. I’ve been told that it is weird to see an adult kiss a child on the lips, but does that stop me from doing it? No way. There are instances when a smooch on the cheek just won’t cut it.

4. I eat her picked-over food. Sometimes, it’s even food that’s already been in her mouth. I know it sounds gross, but there are some things a 3-year-old just can’t appreciate. Lobster macaroni and cheese. Red velvet cupcakes. After one bite and lots of pushing around the plate, my little girl decided she didn’t like either of these dishes. And that was fine because that meant there was more for me.

5. I scratch her back. And sometimes, her behind. I know it’s weird, but my daughter loves having her back scratched. It’s our bedtime ritual. Each night I read her bedtime stories, then she falls asleep while I gently scratch her back. If she’s having trouble drifting off, she’ll ask me to scratch her behind and you know what? It works like a charm. She’s off to dreamland in no time.

6. We sleep together. Despite what countless medical experts say about co-sleeping, I’m not ashamed to admit that I still sleep with my 3-year-old. Tons of people tell me it’s unhealthy or that she’ll have problems sleeping later in life, but I just don’t buy it. It’s an opportunity for us to be close now and I’m taking it.

7. We discuss her bowel movements. And sometimes take pics. You just have to understand how fascinating poop is to a toddler. It comes in so many shapes and sizes and even colors. My daughter takes pride in counting her turds and describing their characteristics after she’s done on the potty. All I can do is smile and be happy she’s at least practicing her numbers.

8. She’s a licker. My dad taught her the gross prank of telling someone you had a secret to share and once they get close enough you stick your tongue in their ear. My daughter thinks it the funniest thing in the entire world and never misses the chance to “tell me a special secret.”

9. I chew her gum. Yes, I know she shouldn’t even technically be chewing gum and she doesn’t have it that often. But when she does, she chews it for maybe 2.5 minutes and then wants to spit it out. I’m sorry, but I’m not letting that gum go to waste. So when she’s done with it, she gives it to me to chew.

10. We walk around naked in front of each other. Granted, our nudity is limited to the confines of our own home, but my little girl knows exactly what I’m working with. She even likes to compare our bellies and butts and boobs. I actually find it endearing when she says, “Mommy I’m going to have ninnies like you one day.” Sweet, right?

Okay, maybe not to you. But you have to have your quirks too. So what about you and your children? Do you have any weird rituals that you love but that weird other people out? Share in the comments.

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  • Renee
    September 21, 2011

  • Nope you sound pretty much like me and my daughter. And I think a pretty well adjusted one at that. Your daughter will always know she is loved and safe with you. People get hung up on silly things they forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of spending time with their kids.

  • Alicia @MommyDelicious
    September 21, 2011

  • I kiss my son on the lips most of the time. It’s innocent. And we walk around the house in our undies. For now. And he climbs in my bed in the middle of the night sometimes too. It’s a mother-child thing.

  • Stella
    September 21, 2011

  • Except for the poop pictures, I do every one of those things with my son! He’s so easy-going, and I love the closeness we share through these things. My husband thinks it is strange, but as he was deprived of a mother’s love for part of his childhood, he is happy that our son and I have such a close bond.

  • Melissa
    September 21, 2011

  • Sounds just like me and my 2 year old daughter, and I think it’s all completely normal. I’m constantly asking for kisses, and I find it sad that people would think it’s funny to see a mother kissing her child on the lips. I’m sorry but I’m going to continue to enjoy every moment with her…baths together, kisses on the lips, cuddle time in bed, you name it. All too soon she’ll be an adult, and she’ll be doing the same things with her own child.

  • Heather
    September 21, 2011

  • I co-slept with all 3 of my boys and they are the healthiest and most caring of their peers. I don’t think it is for everyone, like other things on your list, but I admire your wonderful relationship with your daughter. She will have problems in life (as we all do) but will be much better equipped to handle them because of the things you do with her. Kudos!

  • JDog
    September 21, 2011

  • Yep, me and my daughter have done most of this too (excluding the poop, the kissing on the lips, and a few other things). I’m curious to know: at some point, doesn’t kissing on the lips go from “aww, cute” or perhaps “mmmm, not really for me, but not a big deal” to “ewwww, YUCK”… and if that’s the case, at which point does this flip? At age 5, 15, 50?

  • rosanna mangone
    September 21, 2011

  • What is NOT normal about any of this. I do all these things with my 3 year old daughter. I also did all these things (and still do) with my 8 year old twin boys. There will soon come a time (sooner with my 8 years olds) when all these delicious things go away. I try my best to enjoy ALL of them while I can. I will never turn my boys away in the middle of the night. These precious days are limited. It breaks my heart.

  • Kristine (Mommy Needs Therapy)
    September 21, 2011

  • Ummm…except for 7-9 I do all of those with my 3 yo son. Sounds pretty normal to me. And if it isn’t, I don’t want to know because I’m not going to stop.

  • Lara K
    September 21, 2011

  • I totally do all of these things (except the poop one, but my daughter is only 18 months old so not into examining her poop yet, LOL). We also still breastfeed which some people think is weird. So what – it works for us! We are super close and I love that. In time she’ll draw away from me (and probably closer to her dad) and that’s fine, too – it’s all normal and natural. I just hope she won’t draw too far away from me! But even if she does, I’ll still be here with a million hugs and all the love in the world when she’s ready to come back and be close with me again.

  • Janis
    September 21, 2011

  • I don’t think it’s wise to share food, drinks and chewed up gum with your kids because you never know if they may be catching a cold or have viral germs. I don’t want to catch their illness. I would not bathe with or walk around without clothes on in front of a boy who can talk. Don’t want him to spread gossip at school or scar him for life.

  • johanna
    September 22, 2011

  • why would those 10 thing freak anyone out…and no child will get scared for life from seeing her/his parents naked…there are still cultures living naked on this earth and they are fine!
    We do all these things together with our daughter, both me and my hubby..we take bath tog and sport around naked from bathroom to closets etc…i come from a culture much more open with nakedness and bodies, less tabu and less secrets i believe leads to less issues…its society creating issues with whats completely normal…kids that are to grow up with practically sex symbols on tv but have never seen their mommies and daddies normal bodies – that i think is whats more worrying.
    our 3year old is always counting her poop too by the way… for her its usually a mommy, daddy and baby poop, or maybe just a baby poop or a big daddy poop:) :) Shes been off diapers since before two so we have been enjoying lots of bathroom times together do you even avoid it?
    she loves her bed but sleeps in ours too, or we end up sleeping in hers sometimes…remember not every home on this globe have a separate bed for each child and lots of people still lull, rock and sing their children to sleep because they know this is the best for their children.
    We kiss all the time too, and she kisses us, her friends, her teachers, her dolls and our cats…and when she tells us how much she loves us – more than anything else, and how shes such a remarkable kind and loving individual herself at age 3 …isnt that what really matters. Who is to tell whats right, as long as we love and care for our children… let our children speak, and lets listen to their needs and focus on showing our children love, kindness, respect, ethics and morals…and if anyone is freaking out by love and care – thats is really sad- but for the rest of us lets enjoy life with our children and show them lots of Love!

  • Paula
    September 22, 2011

  • My daughter and I do all of these but 8, 9 and 10….this is my daughter and she is only little once…and I love her…they might as well be almost like your better half…cause your life revolves around them, isn’t that what being a mother is all about?

  • michelle
    September 27, 2011

  • I have 14yr old twin girls and everything except the poop thing has been in our lives and some still are. We jokingly lick each others faces and arms sometimes-like do it, the licked says ewwww and then tries to get the licker back. We still snuggle and sleep together ocassionally. My one daughter still insists on kissing on the lips with me, her dad & her grandma. I never close the door when I’m using the bathroom & always walk around naked-they take turns with being comfortable and not being ok with me being in there when they’re peeing or undressed. It’s like they can’t both be alright with it at the same time or something. The relationship you have with your child is so much more than anything else in our world and as long as nobody is being harmed and all involved are comfortable, who cares!?

  • Allyson
    September 28, 2011

  • A couple of these are a little too far from me, but my god-daughter and I actually do a lot of this stuff. My parents came to dinner with us tonight and my dad was telling me how gross it is that I helped her finish her ice cream after she had spit some of it out from a brain freeze haha. I’m glad to hear that other people do these weird and “gross” things too.

  • Lela
    October 9, 2011

  • I kiss my parents on the lips and I’m 14 it’s not like it’s a long passionate kiss it’s just a quick peck on the lips. I did sleep in my mothers bed allot until I was 5 and was nice, but I still have a hard time sleeping so maybe you should only let her sleep sometimes in your bed. The going to the bathroom together is a little weird but totally optional especially because she is so young. The poop thing really freaks me out and it’s kinda gross. The taking baths together I don’t see anything wrong with because she’s only three but I would draw the line at 5. Basically all the things are normal as long as you know where to draw the line, and respect and understand why some people might find it strange. You also have to respect that your daughter is a person and that she has to have her personal boundaries and learn what is appropriate and what isn’t. But otherwise most of the stuff you guys do is pretty normal for a mother and a child.

  • Human
    February 2, 2012

  • I do these :D I have a 5 mo old son. I always wanted my mom to put me to bed by scratching my back too lol

  • anonymous
    February 8, 2012

  • Crazy women! Although a couple of these things are okay, most will cause psychological issues for the child later in life. I think most educated people would agree!