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Calling All Tooth Fairies: What’s the Going Rate for a Lost Tooth These Days?

August 5, 2011

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My son’s first tooth finally fell out yesterday after what seemed like an eternity, so now the next question is: what’s the going rate for a lost tooth these days?

I asked a couple of his closest friends who all lost a tooth recently, and they all got something in the range of $2 to $5.  Reasonable.  But then he has this one buddy who got $20.  Pretty steep considering he’s going to be loosing teeth left and right, but if it’s just for his first lost tooth and not the others to come, I’m down for it.

But then I read a few web sites where parents–I mean tooth fairies–confessed to leaving $100 for the first lost tooth.  Wow, if we left that kind of cash in my son’s tooth fairy pillow, his next loose tooth just might fall out faster…like tomorrow.  I can already see it now, in less than one month my son will have a toothless, gummy smile, but he’ll have $1000.

So tell us, how much did you leave for that first lost tooth? Did you leave a couple of dollars or did you leave big bucks? Me? We’ve decided on leaving $20 and a little note from the tooth fairy reminding him to keep up the good work with the brushing and flossing.

Kid just lose his first tooth? How about turning it into a silver baby tooth necklace?
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