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Do Our Kids Watch Too Much TV?

Mom Jeanine
August 2, 2011


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Farrah will tell you I originally envisioned this post to be about her daughter’s favorite toys. I’m always curious what other children are playing with. So I asked Farrah what Sophia’s five favorite toys were. Here’s her list:

  1. Randall from Monsters Inc.
  2. Woody and Buzz from Toy Story
  3. Mater from Cars & Cars 2
  4. Barney (because she watches Barney videos all the time)
  5. Keropi (better known as the frog from Hello Kitty)

Looking at the list I thought, “Hmm, most of her favorites are either from movies or TV shows.” Then I started thinking about my own daughter’s favorite toys and books. And you know what? The majority of the toys and stories my daughter loves also include characters she was introduced to by watching television.

Cause for concern? Maybe. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends no TV for children under the age of 2, except I know my daughter knew all about Dora the Explorer well before her second birthday.

There was also that recent study that linked too much TV to sleep problems, which can cause weight, behavior and a host of other health issues.

So we’re wondering: how much TV do you let your little one watch? Do you take him/her to the movies? Are your kids addicted to TV? If not, what do you do to pull them away from the tube? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Krystal Lynn Zeogas
    August 2, 2011

  • i let my daughter watch nick jr because the shows are fairly educational. I make sure she doesnt just sit in front of the tv i make her play with her toys too or the tv goes off. my daughter is 4 and loves dora lol

  • Stephanie
    August 2, 2011

  • I let my son watch only children dvd’s, but only 1 per day. And of course only educational dvd’s. He is 2,5yrs old.

  • Brittany
    August 2, 2011

  • I allow my child to watch tv, in moderation. I will tell you though, he is two years old and he can not only count to 15 in English but he also can in Spanish. He also knows several words in spanish and can say his alphebet. If you can set up educational programming, it really can help. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little tv every now and then.

  • Mara
    August 2, 2011

  • mine loves mickey mouse club house! and her favorite toy is TIGER!
    (from winnie pooh) she’s 14months! kisses for Farrah and sophia!!!!!

  • Tania
    August 2, 2011

  • My daughter is 2 and loves watching tv & shes been watching it in moderation since she was very little. She only watches nick jr or sesame street so atleast it’s still educational. I try to limit it to only a show or 2 per day & we still get a variety of physical activity, outside time, pretend play etc. So she’s still doing other things & not just sitting in front of the tv all day

  • kendra
    August 2, 2011

  • my nephew loves thee educational shows he is 3. he can count in english spanish and chinies. He is so smart. he has even lernt how to turn on the tv by himself. so we put timers on the tvs with codes. something, you might want to check into.

  • Kat
    August 3, 2011

  • Who cares what Farrah thinks she is a bad influence on teens, she treats her mother horribly and she acts like a spoiled brat on TV. The fact that we let people like this on TV to influence others and comment on blogs like this is a joke. Why don’t we focus on people who are actually doing GOOD in the world, treat other and themselves with respect and not make a mockery of being a parent? I fear for our children with girls like Miley Cyrus, Farrah and Casey Anthony portraying what is nothing less than a fantasy world in which they can behave however they want and get away with it. Let’s talk about that issue, not what some poor child named Sophia likes to watch on TV. God save Sophia from her mother who sells her out!

  • Ashley
    August 3, 2011

  • Wow! To compare Farrah to Miley Cyrus and Casey Anthony is ridiculous. Farrah’s relationships with whomever are none of anyone’s business but hers. Of course she is on televsion but so are millions of other people. She maybe makes mistakes, but we all do. If you dislike her so much, don’t read her posts or watch her show. Change the channel and get a life. She’s trying to do the best she can and I’m proud of her and Sophia. On a better note, my son’s favorite toys are his little vacuum (he helps me clean :)), his Hot Wheels, and anyone’s car keys he can get his hands on. He’s almost 3 and watches Nick Jr. sometimes. But he loves going outside and playing more! Good luck Farrah you’re doing great! Stay positive and don’t let rude people like Kat get you down.

  • jaymie
    August 4, 2011

  • my daughter likes a few shows too shes two and its nice to get her to sit for 30 min and relax always gogogo she just getting into dora and loves toopy n binoo but she usually playing around outside now so shell watch her few fav maybe and thats all

  • Kay A Wilson
    August 10, 2011

  • My kids are grown, but when they were small, they were allowed to watch an hour of television a day. We encouraged them to be in sports, hobbies and good books. Both became top athletes in their school. Also, the hobbies, like ice & roller blades, bowling, etc. gave them good things to do on dates. They were not allowed to date til 16, were members in our church youth group and I am proud to say we had no real problems with them as teenagers. Both are moms now with children of their own.

  • Tess
    September 9, 2011

  • I personally don’t watch much TV, so of course I don’t want my 2 year old son glued to the tube. He does watch ~2hours of TV a week and loves characters from those shows. The hardest thing for me is getting him toys, clothing, necessary items without TV characters. For example, he loves trains but the only clothing and toys that I can find have Thomas on them. I would love for him to learn about trains that didn’t have smily faces on them. It is hard to find a toothbrush without winnie the pooh on it….I also laugh because he thinks some of the kids at school are characters. He thinks this one boy is Superman because the boy wears Superman costumes all the time!

    Anyhow, 20 seconds of TV or 3 hours a day. They are influenced by these characters constantly!