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All Suri Cruise Wants For Christmas Is… Diamonds, Gowns and a Pony?!

Mom Jeanine
December 22, 2011

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Not that In Touch Weekly is the most credible source, but they allegedly got their hands on a copy of Suri Cruise’s Christmas list and it included diamond earrings, gowns and a pony. The mag goes on to say that Suri’s list totals more than $130,000.

Now if this were any average 5-year-old, yes I’d say it’s a little outrageous. But think about. Suri probably sees her mom, Katie Holmes, getting all glammed up in gowns and diamonds pretty regularly so it shouldn’t be that surprising that she wants those things, too. Plus, at 5-years-old she probably has no concept of how much these things cost. And a pony? What little girl didn’t want a pony at some point in her life?

So I say, Tom and Katie it’s time to, well, pony, up. Suri has endured tons of travel and flashing cameras in her face on the regular this year. The least you could do is get your girl some darn diamonds.


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