10 Products That Seriously Annoy Me As a Mom…

10 Products That Seriously Annoy Me As a Mom…

Mom Jeanine
November 18, 2011


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There is a saying that goes, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” and in general, I tend to think that’s fine advice. If you want to continue to receive gifts, best to show a little appreciation. But the reality is: not all gifts are created equal.

So given that is ’tis the season of giving, I thought I’d do a little pre-emptive PSA on a few of the products that seriously annoy moms. That way when your friends and family are shopping for the kids this year, they know to skip right over these. Thoughtful right? Casually post this on your Facebook page to spread the word…

1. Anything that requires me to get less sleep than I already do. Yes, I really appreciate you buying my kid a discounted semester of piano lessons on Groupon or wherever, but you know what that means? I–not you–I have to wake up at the crack of dawn on my one day off to get her there. Either you really don’t like me or you really don’t value sleeping in very much.

2. Super skinny jeans. Since when aren’t regular skinny jeans good enough? As if it’s not hard enough to pull off–or get into–skinny jeans, retailers like Gap and Old Navy have upped the ante with super skinny jeans. As a mom with a daughter, it’s totally annoying. Because if these things don’t go away soon, I’m going to be living in constant fear of the day when my daughter comes to me crying that she’s not skinny enough to fit into super skinny jeans. So please, skinny jeans or jeggings. Enough with the super skinny crap.

3. Toys that make a lot of noise. Like most toddlers, my daughter was obsessed with Dora the Explorer for a long time. When a friend gave her this Dora the Explorer talking backpack last year, my daughter was thrilled. I, on the other, wanted to shoot myself. It seemed like every time my daughter touched–or even looked at!–this friggin’ backpack it made noise. After a month, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I sent the thing to my parent’s house. Moral of the story? My kid already talks nonstop, I have to listen to Yo Gabba Gabba at volume 50–I don’t need toys adding to the noise.

4. Obnoxious graphic tees. How come there are never any shirt that say “I heart reading” or “I heart my mom”? Bling? Really? JCPenney is infamous for hawking obnoxious–and sometimes offensive–tees, especially for little girls. Whatever happened to, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t make annoying kids’ clothes”??

5. Toys that require 65 batteries. I’m sure just about any kid would love this Air Hogs video camera plane, but the friggin’ thing needs 6 batteries to fly. Do you know how much 6 batteries cost? That’s easily an extra $10 on top of the price of the toy itself. Except after you’ve given the gift, I have to keep coughing up $10 every month to keep the plane in the air. No thanks.

6. Kids clothes that are just as expensive as adult clothes. Call me selfish, but you can’t give my daughter a $125 pair of Tory Burch flats and expect me to be happy with a Starbucks gift card. I’m going to catch feelings. Also, it’s a lot of pressure to take care of clothing and shoes you know someone spent way too much for. Every time you see my daughter in those expensive shoes, I’m just going to be wondering if you’re judging me for letting her scuff up your $125 pair of shoes.

7. Chemical-laden baby beauty products. Johnson’s recently came out with an All Johnson’s Natural product line. Commendable, yes. But WTF does that mean about their non-natural products?? Yup, they’re not very natural at all. In fact, they’re loaded with chemicals moms have been petitioning them and the government to have removed.

8. Clothing with mispellings. I get that this shirt is trying to convey the accent, but my kid won’t. Just spell it correctly and save me a headache and the expense of a spelling tutor. Of course, it’s even worse when the misspellings aren’t intentional.

9. Triangle bikinis. For toddlers. I know that lots of moms disagree with me on this one, but I just can’t. My daughter is 3 and I don’t want her parading around the beach in the equivalent of a bra and panties. A one-piece is fine, a rash guard is even better, but the sun exposure coupled with the sexualization of a triangle bikini make it one of those gifts I’ll accept, but never–ever!–use.

10. Apple Bottoms jeans. This is another one I’ve ranted about before and while some moms think these jeans are cute and innocent, I don’t. I’m already kind of iffy about jeans with embellished back pockets, but back pockets shaped like apples? No thank you. I don’t want any unnecessary attention being drawn to my child’s rear end.

Did I forget anything? If there’s anything you definitely don’t want your kid to receive this holiday season, here’s your chance! Share the products that annoy you in the comments.

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  • HilLesha
    November 18, 2011

  • Great list, but I have to kindly disagree with #10. Apple Bottoms isn’t specifically for toddlers. They started out as a line for women, and the apple pockets featured on the back is their signature trademark.

  • JJ
    November 18, 2011

  • Wow, can we say issues. I agree with the last poster about Apple Bottom jeans. They are an urban brand line that were made for women before their children’s line came out and the Apple on the back has always been their trade mark. I do agree about binkis on kids which is inappropriate but the other things listed aren’t that big of a deal and can just be exchanged, re-sold or traded in. Also, batteries aren’t that expensive the dollar stores sell them for crying out loud.

    5 Things that annoy me during the holidays and holiday season:

    1-Bratty parents AND bratty kids who aren’t grateful for gifts they got and especially those parents who don’t teach nor encourage their kids to use holiday manners and parents that don’t use good manners themselves. “But that’s NOT what I wanted” is the rudest thing a gift recipient can say to a gift giver whether its a child or an adult. In this economy not everyone is made of money, and sometimes a dollar store present is all some friends and/or family can really afford especially since losing a job during the holiday season wasn’t on their Christmas list! There are actually those that do wait until to the holidays are over before announcing to extended family and friends they lost a job as not to ruin other’s holiday spirit or festivities

    2- Gun toys in any form!- they never been brought into my house and NEVER will. Nor will I ever buy them as gifts. Nothing is funny or cute about a parent who thinks its okay for their already mischievous and out of control child to stock up on a huge arsenal of weapon toys for Christmas or any other holiday to attack the family dog, unsuspecting visitors or next door neighbor with.

    3 Re-gifting used things that aren’t clothes. Receiving gently used toys or clothes is okay by me as long as the toys work and the clothes aren’t torn or stained. But I draw that line at those that think its okay to re-gift products that have obviously been used like bubble bath, lipstick, gift cards, or candy cakes and pies that’s missing slices or bites or way past their expiration date, a couple days expired is bad enough, but 2 weeks, 4 months and last year’s fruit cake is absolutely out of line.

    4 People that abuse Santa and any other holiday cheer spreaders as their own personal punching bag or to torture their kids- To me Santa represents genuine philanthropy and good will towards others. If your child’s goal during the holidays it to dismantle Santa while his lap or do him bodily harm. Please write him a note at the North Pole instead. Having one child abuse him is bad enough, but the 1001 other kids he has to see and potentially be abused by is more than one man should have to take! And for parents that think forcing a red-faced screeching child onto Santa’s lap makes a great holiday photo it doesn’t. Please do yourself, your child and those of us in line for the last half an hour that have to hear your child’s ear piercing screeching a favor and wait until your child is ready AND willing to see the Jolly man himself.

    5 Charity Thieves and Holiday Display Destroyers-Charity bins and red kettles are meant to help those in need during the holidays not to be your personal shopping store or banking post. Stealing from charity bins and red kettles is stealing regardless if you get caught or not and sends a terrible message to your kids about helping others. Also red kettles are NOT there for you to try to convince the guy or girl ringing the bell that you need change for $1. Kettle ringers aren’t bankers they are there to help the community. If you truly need change go inside the store where they are stationed to get change or to the bank that’s what they are there for. Once the money is inside the kettle it can’t come out.

    And last but not least, those that destroy holiday displays with no remorse or consideration of others. I honestly don’t know what posses any parent to let their brat, yes, brat run amok through a toy store or holiday display exhibit and tear it to shreds. Anyone who’s ever worked in retail or on display models/exhibits knows how time consuming it is to build or set up a display for the public whether it be clothes, toys or trains etc. and have your hard work destroyed in less than 5 minutes by someone’s uncontrollable brat. And simply leaving the store because you’re in a hurry or even embarrassed is no excuse either! It takes A LOT of work both BEFORE a store or exhibit is opened and AFTER its closed to keep a display or store up to par. No one comes to your home or to your child’s room and purposely tears your things up and then leaves you with the mess. If your child is old enough to tear up, by all means as a parent you should make your child apologize for atrocious behavior first, then help clean it up or least offer to help regardless or the displays size or how many toys are knocked over by either you or your child. . Toy stores and exhibits are not your personal babysitters or your child’s personal playground. Many displays are delicate and/or could have special effects that a child needs to be supervised around. Just because its an open display doesn’t make it a free pass to touch and destroy everything insight. Replacement parts for displays aren’t always easy to get, especially for exhibits that have to be on display everyday during the holiday season

    The same goes for displays and Nativity scenes in family and friend’s homes, yards, gravesites and the like. Some people just have no respect. Desecrating someone else’s hard work is NEVER okay in my book!

  • Lela
    November 18, 2011

  • I don’t like receiving clothes other people buy for my daughter. I am particular in the clothes I buy for her and for myself. Even my husband has never brought me an article of clothes in our 10 years of marriage because I’m so picky. And I hate when I have to smile and pretend I like someone’s choice on what they think looks cute. BTW it’s not because I buy anything expansive for her and I’m not rocking the latest styles either. Just that it’s hard to find someone else who has the same taste. Sorry, I’d rather receive nothing at all.

  • Emma
    November 18, 2011

  • JJ – maybe MomFinds should offer you your own column! :)

    I think I remember seeing Apple Bottoms brand ads and they were definitely aimed at women who wanted to accentuate their booty, so I can see the problem with a cross- over to baby clothes! It just seems odd, but the pants in the photo look pretty benign.

    Agree on the triangle bikini and also bare midriffs and shoulders and even heels for young girls. They start worrying about ther bodies soon enough; let’s give them as litle as possible to fret over while we can help control it somewhat!

    In the end though, and I do believe that Jeanine does this, I will always smile and appreciate a gift, and try to use it if I can. The thought behind the gift is humbling to me; no one is forced I give a gift, and I appreciate the kind intentions.

  • Victoria
    November 18, 2011

  • Talk about a bunch of complainers…so much for the holiday spirit and giving and all that….and Lela…wow, how about loosening up on the control?Geez!!!

  • Cindy Orley
    December 14, 2011

  • I’m totally with you on the skinny jeans – why do we pressure our kids so? And I agree with the tshirts too, I really dislike shirts that are so negative toward other people (especially siblings) or that portray such shallow values and morals. Good post.