10 Epic Celebrity Parenting #Fails

10 Epic Celebrity Parenting #Fails

Mom Jeanine
September 15, 2011

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Like most people, this pic of Mason Dash Disick chilling in Kim Kardashian’s Goyard bag initially made me smile. But then the mom in me woke up and I thought, “Holy crap, what if the straps on that bag break? Mason could break a bone or get a concussion.”

Over-reacting? Maybe. But celebrities do some pretty crazy things with their children. Not that us regular moms don’t, but we’re lucky enough not to have paparazzi documenting all of our slip-ups.

So because they’re rich and live in beautiful house and drive nice cars, let’s all have a nice laugh at their expense. Check out these 10 epic celebrity parenting #fails:


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  • Oopsie
    September 17, 2011

  • I’m so glad that the paparazzi weren’t around every second of the day to document my parenting mistakes. I’m also glad to know that we all make them, no matter what our income brackets or celebrity status. Some are more monumental than others, but the important thing is that, hopefully, we learned how to do better. I wish I were so OCD that I could pull off being a perfect enough parent to point fingers and judge everyone else, but I wasn’t wired that way.