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Wondering Why You Can’t Find An Xbox Kinect? Microsoft Has Already Sold 2.5 Million of Them

Mom Jeanine
December 1, 2010

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And let’s keep in mind the Xbox Kinect hasn’t even been out for a full month yet. Just 25 days after it was released, the new must-have gaming system is gone at Toys ‘R Us, gone at Walmart, gone at Target… the list goes on. It’s easily the hottest holiday gift this year.

If you can’t bear to see the look of disappointment on your child’s face this Christmas when he realizes there’s no Xbox Kinect under the tree, I suggest you head over to right now and order one of the last ones. That’s about the only place you’ll still find an Xbox Kinect these days. And considering Microsoft is projected to sell 2.5 million more Xbox Kinects this month, these are going to go just as fast as the first batch.

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