Top 5: Spring Hoodies

Top 5: Spring Hoodies

March 15, 2010

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Spring is in the air here in the northeast. It’s just about time to shed the winter coats, but not quite warm enough to wear just short sleeves yet. This is actually my favorite time of year: hoodie time!

Check out five of our favorite hoodies for your kids to wear for the next few weeks.

1. Spring means the wild animals are coming out of hibernation, and word has it a moose is on the loose on this Hatley hoodie!

2. Your daughter is sure to love the cool colorful stripes on this awesome hoodie.

3. Nothing says spring like the butterflies alighting on flowers-or your tot’s chest. Mini Rotation’s lightweight hoodie shines with a foil emblem that’s lots of fun.

4. For the boys, this Hatley hoodie is super comfortable and the spider designs are sure to keep the girls away.

5. We just sprang our clocks ahead, but you can spring your son’s wardrobe back to the eighties with this vintage design from Appaman.

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