Top 5: Spring Break Craft Books

Top 5: Spring Break Craft Books

March 11, 2010



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I glanced at my calendar this week and realized spring break is right around the corner, which means I have to find plenty for my preschooler to do while she’s off. So I did what any mom without the Martha gene did: I hit up the Klutz book catalog for some craft books that will pack her days. Here are my must-haves for spring:

1. Good Growing: A Kid’s Guide to Green Gardening. New this spring, this title helps you teach your kids where their food comes from. We expect to be eating fresh green beans and radishes at some point this year.

2. Fashion Origami. The paper doll just went 3-D and a little bit zen with foldable fashion. Forget wearing it, let your daughter design it.

3. Fingerprint Fabulous. Sometimes our kids could use a little boost of self esteem, and there’s nothing like the story of the fingerprint to remind them they are one of a kind.

4. The Solar Car Book. Shine a light on energy preservation and race to the finish with a kit that will help your son create his own futuristic (and green) machine.

5. Glossy Bands. They look like tubes of paint, but four colored gels need only be squeezed out to create candy-hued bracelets and a scientific experiment.

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  • jenny95
    March 11, 2010

  • Maybe these will help Spring Break go a little smoother, thanks!