Top 5: Designer Shoes for Kids

Top 5: Designer Shoes for Kids

Mom Jeanine
May 21, 2010

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I want the best for my child just like any other mom, but sometimes I’m simply astounded by how much money designers think parents are willing to spend on their kids. Case in point: we have a family wedding coming up soon, so I decided to check out for a pair of nice shoes for my daughter to wear. The selection there is definitely nice, but the prices are ridiculous. Think $250 for a pair of infant ballet flats.

Needless to say, I didn’t get my daughter a pair of shoes, but I thought the insanely priced designer baby shoes were at least worth sharing. Check them out:

1. These leather Chloe gladiator sandals are adorable. Too bad they’re $114.

2. What little girl wouldn’t love these metallic Prada sandals. Sorry, mom, you’ll have a harder time embracing the $195 price tag.

3. Leave it to Gucci to make ballet flats for babies and slap a $250 sticker on them.

4. We love Marc Jacobs, but the $200 price tag on these Little Marc Jacobs bow sandals? Not so much.

5. Even on sale, these patent leather Tod’s ballet flats are $172.

If you’re looking for more affordable kicks for your daughter, check out our guide to the best baby sandals and the best sandals for girls.

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  • kaboogie
    May 21, 2010

  • WOW! Just so litle miss can scrape them along the driveway, jump in every puddle then tell you she doesn’t like them anymore? I’m all for designer wear, I’m a baby shoe designer/manufacturer myself, I guess I just can’t see the sense! Not when there’s so many beautiful hand made wares on the market :-) – gorgeous handmade shoes you can actually afford!