The Perfect Formal Maternity Dress for That Last Wedding of the Season

The Perfect Formal Maternity Dress for That Last Wedding of the Season

Mom Jeanine
July 6, 2010

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Did you know that more people plan their weddings for June than any other month? Fortunately, we’re in July, which means you made it through all those receptions. If, however, you still have a wedding or two in the next few months and still need a dress, check out our guide to the best formal maternity dresses. We’ve got nine great picks for weddings no matter what the formality. The navy Grecian style dress ($201) above is one of them and it’s actually perfect for a wedding in any season. Check out the complete guide for more flattering picks starting at $142.

Not looking for a full-length maternity dress? Check out the best maternity party dresses and the best baby shower dresses instead.

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