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Stick to Clothes, Juicy Couture, and Leave The Strollers to the Expert

Mom Jeanine
August 19, 2010

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Even if you love Juicy Couture, which I sort of do, you have to admit this Juicy Couture Maclaren stroller is a little bit much. Between the logos and the stripes, I hate to say it but this stroller is downright tacky. Oh yeah, and it’s $450!

So what gives Maclaren? For the most part you make the best umbrella strollers, but between that deviant black leather stroller and this label-covered Juicy stroller, you’re sort of letting us down.

If you’re a real fan of Juicy, though, stay away from that stroller and opt for one of these adorable pieces instead.

Juicy Couture Canvas Slip-Ons ($58)

Juicy Couture Puff Jacket ($148)

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