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My Holiday Card Horror Story…

Mom Jeanine
November 29, 2010

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I was so good this year. For once I did not wait until the last minute to order my holiday cards. I actually ordered them a week before Thanksgiving so that I could take my time addressing them and putting them in the mail.

Well, that’s all out the window now because I made one huge mistake: I ordered them from a website I’d never used before. They arrived last week and words cannot express how infuriated I was when I opened the box. Literally, they look like someone printed them on one of those $39.99 inkjet printers. The paper quality is horrible, the printing is uneven and they are just so bad I refuse to send them out.

So now, here I am two days before the start of December back at square one. Yes, I am definitely ordering new holiday photo cards, but I won’t make the same mistake twice. I’m going back to one of the sites I’ve ordered stationery from before:, or Sure, they’re a little pricier than the site I initially ordered from, but trust me the extra cash is the difference between homemade looking cards and professional holiday cards you can be proud to send out. Here are the 3 new designs I’m considering:

Colorful Snow Holiday Card ($70 for $100)

Candy Tree Holiday Photo Cards ($163 for 100)

Tree Print Holiday Photo Cards ($159 for 100)

Oh and in case you were wondering which site burned me, it was Not sure if my order was a fluke, but I definitely will not be ordering from Pear Tree Greetings (ever) again.

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