Meet Tara Mandy, The Amazing Mom Behind

Meet Tara Mandy, The Amazing Mom Behind

Mom Jeanine
July 1, 2010

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If there’s one newsletter (besides ours, of course) that every mom should be signed up to receive, it’s Stroller Traffic. Tara Mandy–mom to 3-year-old Greta and another baby in August–is the brains behind the awesome newsletter and she’s a genius. No really, she is. She finds things even we don’t find and that’s really impressive considering all we do all day is look for stuff.

So how did she get so smart? Well, she spent 10 years as an editor at New York magazine. She always knew in the back of her mind that she’d shift her focus to parenting topics when she became a mom and that’s how the Stroller Traffic newsletter was born.

Between her adorable daughter, another baby on the way and her wildly popular newsletter, seems like Tara has a lot to juggle, right? We’re always curious what other multi-tasking mamas can’t live without, so we asked her. Here’s Tara’s must list:

Amy’s Organic. “My daughter loves the pot pies; I love the pizzas. They’re healthy and yummy, and such a lifesaver when we’re running late for dinner or when the fridge isn’t as well-stocked as it ought to be (which, shamefully, is fairly often).”

Lanvin Ballet Flats. “My go-to shoes when I need comfort but want style. There are many days when I need to go from the playground to a meeting, and don’t have time for a wardrobe change.”

Good Nite Lite. “I’ve got an early riser on my hands, and if it weren’t for the fact that she knows she needs to wait until “the sun turns yellow” to call me, I’d be up playing dress-up at 5:45 every morning.”

Angel Dear blankies. “We’ve got more than a dozen of these, stashed around the apartment, at our beach house, in the car (for road trip naps), in the diaper bag (for trips to the doctor’s office), at Nana’s house…”

My Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens. “Like most moms, I love taking pictures of my kid. With this fancy lens, I can get those super-close, tack-sharp shots that the grandparents die for.”

Subscribe to the Stroller Traffic newsletter at and be sure to follow Tara on Twitter @StrollerTraffic and on Facebook at

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