Heidi Loves Her Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier, Too

Look Who Loves Her Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier…

Mom Jeanine
July 7, 2010


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We’re huge fans of the Baby Bjorn baby carrier. So much so, in fact, we rated it the best baby carrier in our buying guide.

But we’re not the only moms who love the Baby Bjorn. Sarah Jessica Parker has been snapped toting her daughters around in a gray Baby Bjorn baby carrier and now we know Heidi Klum is a fan, too. Here, the mom of four was seen carrying her youngest child, Lou, around in a black Baby Bjorn

If you’re in the market for a baby carrier, it doesn’t get much better than the Baby Bjorn. It’s comfortable for both you and your baby and you can can carry your baby either facing you or facing outward when he/she is old enough.

Price: $130

Get Yours: drugstore.com

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  • Bjorn Carrier
    August 13, 2010

  • Most parents love the unique Baby Bjorn feature which allows the button to be unbuttoned at the front of the carrier and lay down without waking up. As the child grows it allows for forward facing placement.

  • Corinna
    September 18, 2011

  • Among babywearing instructors, the BB is for a long time known as far away from the ideal for the baby. No natural squatting position, no round back, front facong causes over stimunlation. Unfortunately BB is resistant over years to the advice and keeps malinforming parents about what is right.
    In Germany the mothers are very well informend and tend towards better choices.
    Please, moms, contact a babywearing instructor to learn about your babys physical needs!