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Hot Holiday Toy: Disney Princess & Me Dolls

Mom Jeanine
November 11, 2010

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Watch out American Girl dolls–there’s a new clique of 18″ dolls in town.


In case your child has been too busy studying to make a wish list, allow us to introduce you to the new Disney Princess & Me dolls. They’re on track to be one of the top 2010 Christmas toys, so if you have a princess-obsessed girl on your hands, better get your credit card out now.

Okay, so what’s all the hype about? Well, in addition to being bigger than your daughter’s other dolls, each Disney princess doll comes with a magazine filled with princess tips a princess quiz, an honorary princess certificate, a royal invitation and a princess pledge card signed by your girl’s princess. Is that enough princess for you?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Disney made this year’s dolls even bigger to keep your girl playing with it longer. Apparently these bigger dolls will feel more like companions and less like babies for the 7 and older set. Interesting, right? And not a bad thing for you, mom–the longer she plays with it, the more time you have before you have to buy her something else.

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