Don’t Buy A New Dress For This Summer’s Weddings–Rent One!

Don’t Buy A New Dress For This Summer’s Weddings–Rent One!

Mom Jeanine
June 11, 2010

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Every mom-to-be knows how annoying it is to have to drop $100 plus dollars on a special occasion maternity dress you’ll only be able to wear once or twice. Whether it’s for a wedding or your baby shower even, wouldn’t it just be easier to rent a nice dress for the day, then ship it back once the festivities are over? Well now you can do just that, thanks to

This new site is a lot like, except it’s exclusively for moms-to-be. The site has all the best maternity designers’ best dresses of the season and they can be yours for as long as you need them. For example, it’s only $39 to rent a Maternal America dress for one week, $55 for two weeks and if you want a guaranteed brand new or only worn once dress, it’s $65 for a week. These price don’t include shipping, but you only pay for the items to be shipped to you–a prepaid return label comes with every order.

And to prove you really can rent the latest in maternity wear from the site, here’s a rental versus retail price comparison of a few styles:

You can rent this Maternal America chiffon shower dress from for as little as $35 or you could buy the same exact dress new at for $138.

This flirty faux wrap dress could be yours forever for $84 at, or yours for a week for only $35 at

Spend $50 to rent this cap-sleeve Olian Maternity dress for two weeks from or spend $118 to buy this dress from for keeps.

For more great dress ideas, check out our guides to the best maternity dresses and the best baby shower dresses.

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