Ridiculous or Really Want It? Christian Dior Baby Bottle

Christian Dior Baby Bottle: Ridiculous or Really Want It?

February 26, 2010

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As we were browsing the Web today, we came across these Christian Dior baby bottles? As first, we kept scrolling right past them, but then it dawned on us: Christian Dior baby bottles? What?! See for yourself:

So we just had to ask: are these “designer” baby bottles absolutely ridiculous, or do you actually sort of want one? It’s worth mentioning one bottle is $45 and there’s no mention of any venting system or technology that would make these bottles better than others on the market. Maybe they’re hoping just knowing he’s drinking from Christian Dior will keep your little one from getting gassy or fussy.

Tell us if you’d splurge on these bottles in the comments.

And if you actually are in the market for tried and tested bottles, read our guide to the Best Baby Bottles.

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