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Breaking: Rachel Zoe Confirms Pregnancy Via… Twitter

Mom Jeanine
November 17, 2010

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So there you have it. Just a few mintues ago, Rachel Zoe tweeted that she is in fact pregnant.

Okay, but wait. The skeptic in me just can’t take this at face value. When one of my coworkers told me about the tweet, I immediately thought, someone hacked into her Twitter account. And then as I was reading the tweet, I’m doing full-on language analysis. Rachel Zoe never says “Hey everyone” before any of her other tweets–is this really her?

And then of course, there’s the whole weirdness of announcing your pregnancy on Twitter. I get that she’s a mega-celebrity, but really? Twitter.

After a few minutes of judgy Jeanine, I finally snapped out of it. If she is in fact pregnant, good for her. Becoming a mother is an amazing experience. And who am I to question how she tells the world?

So RZ, if you are with child, welcome to the club, girl! Here’s a chic faux fur maternity jacket I think you’ll die for…

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