3 Must-Have Timesavers to Get Out the Door Faster

3 Must-Have Timesavers to Get Out the Door Faster

Mom Jeanine
July 8, 2010

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My daughter’s daycare is closed this week and my routine has been shot. Instead of heading downtown to take her to school and go to work, I have to go uptown to drop her off with her aunt, then back downtown to get to work. The past two days were a mad dash for the door and into a taxi, but today we actually got out of the house in time to take the train (a whopping $10 savings!).

So what changed? Last night, I got strategic and made a list of the things that had been slowing us down and what I could do to prevent them from happening again. And it worked. So if your morning routine getting to work is filled with chaos and confusion, perhaps these timesavers will help you like they helped me.

In an attempt to look cute, I’d been trying to coordinate my handbags with my outfit. Not anymore. I invested in this big, sturdy Longchamp bag ($145) that can fit my laptop, plus my daughter’s backpack.

Because I sometimes feel guilty about working so much, I like to cook my daughter breakfast. I’m talking waffles, turkey bacon, fruit, the works. I made the executive decision to reserve that for the weekends now. Instead, I bought her these portable yogurt squeezers and granola bars, which she can eat in the taxi or on the train if need be. And I haven’t gotten a complaint yet.

Keys: why are they so good at getting misplaced? I was so fed up with hunting down my keys every morning, I mounted this 3M hook ($4 for 3) right by door. So as soon as we walk in at night, I hang them there. And guess what? In the morning they’re still there waiting for me to grab and calmly breeze out the door.

Looking for more great ways to make the most of your time? Check out our guide to timesavers for new moms.

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