Beauty Find: Chrome Eyeshadow in 60 Shades

Beauty Find: Chrome Eyeshadow in 60 Shades

March 7, 2007

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imageWhat: NYX Cosmetics Chrome Eyeshadow in fun colors

Why: Sometimes all it takes is a little zing to help move your week along. And sometimes, even a night out with the girls is something to get really excited about! Why not add a little glam with these chrome powder eyeshadows in colors ranging from rad to regular for just five bucks? The electric blue and the orange may be over the top, but even these wild shades add a pretty shimmer to your upper lid.

Just a dusting is enough to get a little attention. And who doesn’t want to feel special? It’s hard being a mom, and we often don’t pay enough attention to ourselves.  For about the same cost as a loaded latte you can have a bright flirty new shadow. 

Price: $5

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